What is EMDR?

Simply put, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a form of psychotherapy very unlike traditional talk-therapy.  Traditional talk-therapy is usually based on some form of helping you understand what you feel, why you feel it and how to cope with those feelings as they come up in your life.  Essentially – let’s change how you think and that will change how you feel.  Sounds good on paper……

EMDR TAKES A DIFFERENT APPROACH.  While EMDR will help you understand what you feel and why, EMDR also “rewires” your brain – through the use of eye movements – so that you no longer feel those feelings associated with your negative core beliefs.  Therefore, you don’t have to cope with what you don’t feel!  EMDR will not erase your memories, but it will desensitize memories that have led to the creation of negative core beliefs about self.  Essentially – let’s rewire your brain to change how you feel, and that will change your life.

In EMDR treatment, you and I will identify your negative beliefs along with the memories of life situations and events that have led to the creation of these negative beliefs.  We will process the memories of these situations and event and desensitize them through eye movements very similar to how your brain tries to process memories during REM sleep (rapid eye movement).  EMDR is a highly researched, evidence based psychotherapy that is used throughout the world.

EMDR Intensives

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