EMDR Intensive Retreat

Bali, Indonesia

EMDR Intensive Retreat in Bali


Are you interested in doing an EMDR Intensive Retreat with Sadie - in Bali?


Do you want to invest in giving yourself the time, space and environment to heal, rejuvenate, and fully open that door to a brighter future?


I am now offering custom EMDR Intensive Retreats in partnership with Lighthouse Bali in Denpasar, Indonesia.

A friend and colleague of mine, Dr. Julia Andres, is an EMDR therapist offering EMDR Intensives in Bali, Indonesia. This has created a unique opportunity for me to bring the trauma healing I offer in Denver, Colorado to Bali! Dr. Julia has taken the idea of Story Clearing Intensives that I have developed and applied it specifically to a Trauma Program in partnership with Lighthouse Bali in Denpasar, Bali. This partnership offers a healing environment of a self-retreat in the tropical landscape of Bali, Indonesia combined with the Story Clearing EMDR Intensive.

If you’re interested in learning more about when I’ll be in Bali, and what doing an EMDR Intensive with me at the Lighthouse Bali entails, please Contact Me. I offer a free 30 min. Zoom intake session to discuss the EMDR Intensive and at that time we can discuss options for seeing me either in Denver, Colorado or in Bali, Indonesia.

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