EMDR Intensives

Denver, Colorado

EMDR Intensives in Denver, Colorado

EMDR Intensives in Denver, Colorado


Are you interested in doing an EMDR Intensive with Sadie - in Denver?


Do you want to heal your story in days rather than months?


I offer custom EMDR Intensives in Denver, Colorado.

Just as EMDR is a very different approach to psychotherapy, the Intensive is a very different approach to providing EMDR treatment. Because of the “rewiring” and truly healing effect of EMDR, an Intensive can work in ways that are not possible utilizing standard talk-therapy techniques. With EMDR processing, we can desensitize negative feelings and change the negative belief about self that has been encoded onto the memory in order to “rewire” the brain and truly heal the individual. This means much more material can be processed and healed much more quickly in an Intensive session than is possible in traditional weekly therapy.

If you’re interested in learning more about what doing an EMDR Intensive with me entails, please Contact Me. I offer a free 30 min. Zoom intake session to discuss the EMDR Intensive and at that time we can discuss options.

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What is an EMDR Intensive?

You Don't Have to Live in Denver!

My practice is located in Denver, Colorado, but that doesn’t mean you have to be. Clients can travel from anywhere in the world to Denver to spend a few days with me in an Intensive and then return home to their daily lives – wherever that may be.  If you will be traveling here for an Intensive, I can provide you with more detailed information regarding hotels, transportation in Denver, the airport etc…

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